Hey guys, first off, I'm not sure which forum to post this in. so I posted it in two :P if you see it on both, ignore one of them. Secondly, I have a very important question regarding my floyd rose bridge. One of the pivet studs (The stud holding down the bridge, lowering and raising it) on my bridge has popped down, the one on the low e side to be exact. The bridge is over the stud, and "over biting" it abit so I cannot stick my allen key in it. The one on the high e side is fine, but since one is over and one is under, the bridge is lop sided, angled even. Its higher on the low e side, and normal on the high e side. Can anyone help me here?


take the strings off and fix it
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If the strings are fine, you dont need to take it off. Block the trem block, loosen the strings a bit (slacking it) to the point that the bridge could be lifted up, unscrew the studs and then replace it with a new one. Before you put back your bridge its highly suggestable that you lube up your posts 1st by using lipbalm. During this time you could also check whether your LFR?'s knife edges are proper or need a fair bit of smoothing/sanding.
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I'm not sure if I can do this myself, abit lost on what to do. any idea how much this would cost to get it repaired?
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Sorry the pictures are abit fuzzy, and another question, post = studs? Once I take it out can I just use the same one again and not have to buy another one? And one of the studs is still in, so if I lift up the bridge, the other one might break too. Any help would be great
Here's a step by step
- Loosen your strings a bit
- Block this section using anything (erasers,block of wood,deck of cards)

- Loosen the claw's screws
- Remove the springs
- Loosen your strings a bit more until you could freely remove the bridge (dont unstring it if its not necessary)
- Replace the stud (the black thing, the post is where you screw the studs in), you can purchase one from here ibanezrules.com
- Put your bridge back in
- Up pull the bridge until you could fit the springs easily
- Retune

*advisable if you use cloth to cover your finish so that you wouldnt hurt them.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
Thanks man My bro did it for me though, but the guide was a real nice thing for you to have done for me, so I thank you again

Take care man, keep helping people out like this I, for one, really appreciate it.