Hey guys, first off, I'm not sure which forum to post this in. so I posted it in two :P if you see it on both, ignore one of them. Secondly, I have a very important question regarding my floyd rose bridge. One of the pivet studs (The stud holding down the bridge, lowering and raising it) on my bridge has popped down, the one on the low e side to be exact. The bridge is over the stud, and "over biting" it abit so I cannot stick my allen key in it. The one on the high e side is fine, but since one is over and one is under, the bridge is lop sided, angled even. Its higher on the low e side, and normal on the high e side. Can anyone help me here?


im not an expert with floyd roses but i imagine because it is a trem,take the strings off, take the springs off so theres no tension then remove the trem and fix the stud as for fixing the stud problem i wouldnt know what to do. im sure someone else has a better idea of what to do but im just offering help in the meantime.

EDIT: its in the right forum.
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