i have a squier stratocaster, and every time i even barely touch the wammy bar, it gets way out of tune. is there any way to fix that.
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you probably havnt had your guitar "set up" yet..on my squire strat youd have to use it a LOT for it to go out of tune
it could be a number of things.

1. strings could be old and streched
2. you might need to add or remove a spring depending upon which way it is going out of tune
3. your strings may not be wrapped around the tuners enough times

the list goes on so if you are not savy with guitar parts I would take it in to be repaired.
How many springs does the guitar have?.
the bridge is in semi-floating mode? or fixed to the body?.
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like said, u tighten the screws in the trem cavity, and add springs until the trem fells tight and the bridge is level.


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Your bridge is at whack, you should loosen your claw so that the bridge is lifted approx. 2/8" above the body. This will also make your trem go 2-way rather than just 1 way. But if you want to set it up to just 1 way, you leave it like that and adjust your saddle so that the action isnt to jacked up.
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use at least one more spring, my dads squier has 3 and it takes a good couple of weeks to get outta tune
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