Hey guys can u tell me the settings you have on your amp when you play AC/DC?
For example: like how high or low the mid, treble, gain etc.
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first what amp you have
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well it depends what song. if im playing thunderstruck, ill have the volume up really high, anddistortion about 3/4 of the way up. if im playing you shook me all night long, ill have the distoriton about halfway, and not too loud. in all my songs i always have the middle all the way up, usually i keep treble about halfway, and bass all the way down.
middle and treble full, bass halfway
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...You Can't play ACDC without gain...
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yea seriously... if u can u must have a pretty muddy amp.

Gain for me is like 7 for ac/dc for me.

But check the settings thread in the gear forums...thats where you go to find...u know settings
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Quote by Ultimate Settings Thread (GG&A)

Angus Young
Gain - 5
Treble - 10
Mid - 10
Bass - 5

There. It sound quite good

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No matter what setting you choose, you won't sound even close to Angus unless you have the right guitar and amp. I can play AC/DC with my BC Rich Bitch and my Randall SS amp, but I'll sound more like Motley Crue or Whitesnake than AC/DC.

Similarly, you can plug an SG into a Marshall and play Van Halen, but you'll sound more like AC/DC doing it.... or Jet. hehe...

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angus says he has the gain at about 3 high and middle about 5 and bass 6-7

EDIT: and the volume on the guitar on 5
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Remember his tone comes from massive pick attack really makes the tubes break up. If you played on his rig I could garuntee it would sound pretty clean. Although im sure some of the newer stuff could get you in the range of tone.