hey whats up, i just got a 2nd hand laptop from my stepdad, its a 1.8 ghz w/ 256 megs of ram, i'm thinking about putting acid and a couple other recording programs on there but i still need an input device that supports 1/4" (guitar cable) in and also needs to support analog (L/R) in. anybody have any suggestions? i'm trying to get a decent quality input and not spend any more tha $300, thanks, peace out. - z
line 6 toneport ux1 or ux2, if you need 2 condenser and 2 guitar inputs get the ux2, if you need 1 of each input get ux1.

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thanks for the recommendation, i checked it out but i noticed theres not a L/R analog in...
well the E-MU 1616 has pretty much every in and out you need. i think the turntable input is RCA, cause thats what it looks like. of course it is $100 more than you wanted to spend, but it is supposedly amazing and allows for 16 simultaneous inputs. im definatly getting one for my laptop sometime in the future (not soon most likely).

for USB, the M-Audio Fast Track Pro says it has RCA inputs. i have the regular fast track, and it seems to work pretty well. i have no complaints anyway, but other people dont seem to like it. this model could be completly different tho, i dont really know.

this is made for vinal restoration, but it has RCA inputs. no 1/4" input tho, so i dont think it would work for you.

thats just me spending some time looking through musicians friend. im sure you can find other things through other sites that have recording gear. then just read some reviews and compare specs.