aight i was wondering how many watts in your amp would you need for your guitar to not be drowned out by the drums thx
Tubes, you could get 30 watts and it would be plenty loud. If you go SS you will need more like 50 probably.
yea, no less than 30.
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Not much. Around 30-50 watts will get you over them. Anything over 100 is probably overkill.
At least 40-50 i'd say, depends on your amp and how hard of a hitter your drummer is. What kind of amp do you have?
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at least 60 watts solid state.....and 30 tube
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Not much. Around 30-50 watts will get you over them. Anything over 100 is probably overkill.

man, you guys must have some good drummers. I've tried to play with a couple friends, and they drowned me right out hitting the skins for metal. I tried two different 100W SS combo 1x12's(not at the same time), and they just didn't cut it at all. As soon as the bassist or other guitarist would play, I could barely hear myself, even directly in front of my amp. I thought maybe having more projection from another cab might help, but it was pretty bad. It also probably didn't help that the combos I tried were the AVT100 and MG100, but still, I think it's really dependent on the music you play, and how good your drummer is.
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Yeah my band played loud...like...really loud. If youre playing with JUST a drummer then a small amp would cut it. But if youre playing with a good bassist, another guitarst, and then vocals...youre going to need something with at least two speakers and at least 30 watts tube or 100watts SS. You dont want to just be able to hear yourself...you want to be able to 'cut through the mix' and be heard seperately from all the other instruments. When everything is all in the 'same mix' its just a big blob of mooshy, indistinguishable sound.

Hard to explain...I guess youd have to have a lot of live stage experience in both running sound and playing...
hey, ive got an ad50vt and would it cut it?
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