I heard something about pitch harmonics but, what is it? And I just want to make my guitar scream like danzig or Kirk Hammet does.
First you have to be Zakk Wylde. Second you need to hit a note and at the same time mute it, its weird, ask someone you know to show you, its not something you can easily describe in writing
Search for pinch (not 'pitch') harmonics or artifical harmonics. They're the same thing
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yea u cant describe it it writing that well. Pinch harmonics are hard to get the hang of. u have to lightly mute the string on a fret and then pluck the string. Try plucking the open B string and tapping it on the 3rd fret. Thats a tap harmonic its a lot easier.
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strike any string, preferrably a high one. Then barely touch the string at exactly the twelfth fret. You should hear a sound that's like the ghost of the sound.
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For pinch harmonics you can hold any fret and pluck the string. As you pluck have your thumb sticking out over the pick just a little bit and have your thumb hit the string at the same time the pick does. Thats all there is too it just practice it.
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