I'm getting into scales and stuff and learning them by practicing... but, also learning some solos of some of my fav. songs.... my question is: what's the technique to playing a solo in a tab? For example, do you just memorize the notes to hit or do you realize that the solo is a certain scale?

It seems to me that it would be easiest to figure out what scale it is and then to find the notes.

For example, this begnning of the solo is part of "seven caged tigers' by STP:

when youre a beginner, learning scales and trying to sit there just looking at notes can be hard. but honestly its the best way. when it comes to solos i dont even like to look at tabs. rather just have a starting point and go from there. you can usually figure out certain patterns like ascending or decending a scale in triplets. stuff like that
ok im a newbie too especially for theory but ill say for the first part with the 9th fret d and then onto the g. i would say its a b harmonic minor or a g major scale. they both contain the same notes. the way i came to this 'conclusion' is i looked at the notes and saw the first was a b. so i took that as the root for the scale. of course i could be way of because i havent heard it and the solo could be a harmony of the rythm etc. but in general if you have a b chord say u can lay a b scale on top. and as the chords change youre solo should move around the different scales, which is where the different scale shapes help.