Im not 100% sure but that looks like a parker brand guitar i have seen before
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It's ugly and it seems to have 36 frets. And that's all I know.
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It's ugly and it seems to have 36 frets. And that's all I know.

It doesn't have 36, but it's definitely more than 24. Around 30 I think....

Ugly guitar, and the worst video quality I've seen in a very long time. I've never seen anything like that though...

edit: How much do you want to bet he's not even playing? I bet that's why they made the video quality so poor.
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27 frets
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28 frets... and the guitarist is just doing mindless shred - up and down scales and different shapes. Anyone can play fast (with practise), he should learn howto play real music.
Maybe he doesn't want to play "real" music, and he just wants to have some fun showing off his chops...
he might not be playing, i dunno? i checked it out at school.
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