I need new strings for my bc rich warlock...whats the best for kind of string for playing metal???
it depends what you like. are you a lead or rhythm player? what tuning do you play in?
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skinny top heavy bottoms.
i highly endorse them.
bottom three strings are thick, they give great tone and powerchords, and the top three strings are thin, for soloing and shredding and such
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I just put some GHS Boomers on my guitar when I restrung it. I like them so far. They were real easy to stretch and they're staying in tune real good.

I used Ernie Ball for a long time before I tried them.
I've used Ernie Ball, GHS, D'addario. and Dean Markley strings beats them all. they have great tone and last for a long time.
Ernie Ball hybrid slinkies every time.

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