I love shoegaze. I love too many pedals aswell. and i m loving your band cause you're not the ordinary shoegaze thing
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Omg, you guys kick ass. Listening to jets right now. Love it. Sounds like a mix of Incubus and Radiohead, with something else I can't quite put my finger on. Love the vocals. The whole feel the guitar is great, if you guys could do that live, it would be an awesome show.

Listening to get expansive now. Has an Incubus feel to it as well, reminds me of Consequence (which is a good thing).

Listened to the other two songs, they were good too. But my favorite is still Get Expansive.

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Damn, this is good stuff. You can here the Incubus and Radiohead (some of the descending progressions are very Radiohead), and I like the abuse of effects. Very good. I like Vena Cava and The Ocean's Caught Us the best.

Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to record those songs? It seems that with the delay and all the changes of effects that it would've taken a while.

Is that a glockenspiel on "The Ocean's Caught Us?"

If you wouldn't mind checking out my very stripped down song: Life

Not quite as trippy.
Goddamn... Thats really impressive. I don't know if all of this was home recorded, but if it was... I give major props on the drums, they sound excelent! Good spacing in the mix, really clean sounding... Vocals could use a tinny bit more, but thats personal pref. Keep it up guys... if i was A&R i'd hook you up.
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Are you the guitarist, bass player, drummer, vocalist, etc for this band? And its DAMN good. It sounds recorded really well too.
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