whats the difference in sound? i always hear people reccomending a dimebucker(which is a DiMarzio X2N right ) over an EMG 81 for the bridge. why is that?
:S dimarzio has no dimebucker lmao. The x2n looks similar but its not a dimebucker. Seymour duncan makes dimebuckers.
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i would go with the emg its better i have a guitar wit the 81 in it and i also have a dean ml with the dimebucker and the emg just has better sound and im a huge fan of dimes stuff like wah and sound and everything but the emgs technology is just better its a better deal if u want to read about the emg 81 go to emgpickups.com
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but yes, I'd go with the 81

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yea, all my guitars have an EMG 81 in teh bridge ive just never tried a dimebucker and ive heard lots of good things
what fool told you a dimebucker was by dimarzio? i reckon that the dimebucker is better because, although it sounds a little odd, it has so much more life in it. emg 81s are good enough but they sound a bit sterile and dont really seem to have any sort of character of their own, dimebuckers are crazy bastards that give one hell of a lead (and rhythm) sound that cuts through any mix and practically hands out harmonics to you. you should try them out cos my opinion (and the opinion of everyone else) isnt your opinion i mean you might hate both pickups.

p.s. i hope to get dimarzios soon but the emgs more than do the job for the time being (although i made them sound a bit **** ther i meant in comparison to a dimebucker ther still fairly decent pickups)
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i've played the emgs and loved them. i cant really compare cause i've never played with dimebuckers but i know that emgs will be great. i plan on gettin a set for my strat pretty soon too.
If you put an 81 in the bridge, it would make it a whole lot easier onwhoever is installing the pickup to put another active pup in the neck.
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If you put an 81 in the bridge, it would make it a whole lot easier onwhoever is installing the pickup to put another active pup in the neck.

Ehhm............ the DB is nice, but %^&*(*&&s !!

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I suggest the EMG........ but still there many better pups out there !!
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

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don't buy emg based on the looks or the fact that tonnes of ppl tell you too. emg's are great for some things and not for others, you really have to look around because pickups really influecne your tone a crapload. i find that emg's are really good for driving amps distortion, and some emg's can function ok as a clean pickup (ie the 60 ... the 60a is supposed to be the shiznit). ppl rave on about bareknuckles - so check those out too. listen to all those crazy sound samples, they're not entirely misleading.