Hello there! This is my second post concerning scales so sorry to be repetitive but there you go!

My question now concerns interval names in a scale such as names like 'major 3rd and flatted fifth' ,which appear in the blues scale right? What i'm trying to do at the moment is associate the formula of a scale ( I have a scales book which has that written down in terms of whole steps and half steps) to the actual notes on the fretboard and not just working by patterns forming from the low E string as a root note. But what i dnt have is an explanation of what each inteval in the scale is! Where do you learn what these interval names are or what the names mean!? I would like to understand this as well.

Finally, im interested in getting a theory book to start working through. eg chord construction, key signatures etc,etc. But i need a simple easy to follow one. I am very much the begineer when it comes to theory! Even the theory guide someone recommended on this forum which was part of the ultimate guitar site got confusing for me quite quickly.

Thanks once again for all help!