I find i can do harder solos sitting much easier than standing up. Any tips for making this easier for me, seeng as im starting to play harder songs with my band? Or is it just a matter of practicing?
i found it was just a matter of practising. im actually more comfortable standing up now than i am sitting down
I heard putting a book under your right foot while sitting will make it more like you're standin and playing.
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it could just be your strap is too low, since your guitar is closer when sitting than standing. that's just me tho... and it also does take practice.
i made mine pretty high up to my body, never foudn it comfy to play with it low.
i used to have trouble soloing standing up. i just watched the techniques of some other players and tried mimicing what they did and it turned out fine.
i found it hard because i learned to play sitting down, just practice for a few hours and youll get the hang of it
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Adjust the strap so it's the same as it would be when you're sitting down

that seems to help thnx.
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Adjust the strap so it's the same as it would be when you're sitting down

haha if i did that my guitar would be just below my massive pecs
Start practicing standing up. Start with it at a height similar to when sitting and gradually lower it.
Raise the strap to the height of sitting, then slowly start lowering it every half week or so until you egt it to a confortable standing height. And practice practice practice.
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Tilt the headstock up. If the neck is straight you'll have trouble moving around. Gradually lower it but dont take it too far past the waist. Carpal tunnel sucks from what I've heard.
I actually find it easier playing anything while standing up.
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try keep a straight back when ur sitting instead of leaning over the guitar, it's more like standing that way.

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Walk around with your guitar on, and play while you're doing it. You should get used to playing standing up pretty quickly.
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