ok so i've seen a number of threads here where the two were compared. i never saw any remote similarity, but i just got 2 john frusciante solo albums, they're really good. but i can barely even see any remote similarity between john frusciante and jimi hendrix other than they both play guitar.

so please, why do people on here consistently compare the two? - they have almost zero similarity.
well i guess some of his solos in the chilis nudge the style of hendrix, but no more than say joe satrianis work does.
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because john is a great fan of hendrix´s work, and was one of his influences when he started playing.
With the RHCP he played "castles made of sand" in a great way,, and i think with similar techniques, like chords, etc.
I think they are somewhat similar, in their paying styles. People mostly "compare" (I hope you don't mean in terms of 'ability') them becuase Hendrix is a huge influence on John, if I remmeber what i read correctly, and you can hear it in his playing.
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i see it very evidently only on Stadium arcadium, all of his other works have a very minamalist style. but in some of the Stadium arcadium solos i can see a lot of hendrix influence
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john frusciante is my favorite guitarists so i have the answer! in an interview he said that when he was a kid he went in guitar shops and people were surprised that he could play awsome hendrix licks. in another interviw he said that anytime he composes a solo he tried to add an interval that hendrix uses, because he loves the way he plays, so i guess he does take hendrix in mind when he writes music
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man, i saw some solos from john in the early peppers live videos and he kick ass and they are very freestyle like jimmy´s. he also copies how to lie in the floor.
Because they're both incredibly overrated.

EDIT: And because people are on a fruitless quest to find a modern day Hendrix.
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They are both overrated and I agree the 2nd coming of Hendrix won't ever happen...
John has some similar riffs to Jimi, but really there is no comparison. I mean I dig john's stuff, he's a great funk/rock guitarist and he really made the peppers in my eyes, but he's no hendrix.
Listen to the track "Hey" on Stadium Arcadium and you'll know why people compare the 2 , not just this track though Frusciante is influenced by Hendrix alot and it shows in other tracks that hes done with the chilis, not really his solo work.
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i see it very evidently only on Stadium arcadium, all of his other works have a very minamalist style. but in some of the Stadium arcadium solos i can see a lot of hendrix influence

like in dani california the first few notes are from purple haze if you listen (the solo i mean)
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I think they are in the same league...maybe hendrix a bit better.
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