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Yano, the one song that you can just pick up and play whenever, makes the girls hearts melt, and puts a nice warm feelin in your heart n hands

I am going to have to go with Collide - Howie Day
Well, most beautiful isn't necessarily the easiest.

Hmm. Misty always gets me, but I like Air on the G String too (for acoustic solo stuff).
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What I mean is, the easiest song you can play, that is at the same time beautiful. and im askin which one you think is the best in that catogorey
r.e.m - everybody hurts

played at the right time, it can sound amazingly beautiful, and its nice and easy aswell

Yellow ledbetter by pearl jam.
Its not quite easy to play but its very beautiful.
hey there delilah. easiest song to play ever and girls love it.
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Yellow ledbetter by pearl jam.
Its not quite easy to play but its very beautiful.

was just about to say that.
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You're probably tired of hearing this song (but I'm not )but I say Wonderwall by Oasis. Some of their stuff is very easy to play and they are "beautiful".
raining blood- slayer
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I enjoy stairway not only to listen to, but i enjoy playing it.....ive always found the song a challenge and i love playing arpeggio style songs mixed with chords
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Yellow ledbetter by pearl jam.
Its not quite easy to play but its very beautiful.

How long did it take you to nail Yellow Ledbetter? I took a look at it once and had massive issues with playing the half-barred chords high up the neck and getting my thumb around the neck.
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Dee - Randy Rhoads

Awesome song.
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Fade to black - Metallica not many people will find this beautiful, but i absolutely love it.
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Dee - Randy Rhoads

Awesome song.

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Something in the way- Nirvana
this defntly wins for simplicity, only 2 chords and one is open strings, and denfltly a beautiful song
classical gas-eric clapton
A hard song, but good
ive only played 5 months andi c\an nail it
Haha...I looked up the tabs for half of these songs and I can't play a ****in one of them.

I've never felt more pathetic and useless.

And no...not even the Nirvana one.
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Pete Murray - So beautiful , Ten feet tall
Jack Johnson - Traffic in the sky ( all jack songs are beautiful but this stands out)
all apollogies - nirvana, not as easy as something in the way but still is really good
Lilvikingboy: pick one song, practice practice practice until you can play it..and the rest of the songs will suddenly be possible.
"316" by E. Van Halen, VERY easy to learn/play....very relaxing song for campfire type of settings..girls melt when they hear it

"That's the Way" by Led Zeppelin....never a big Zep fan till I heard this song on the movie "Almost Famous"....
Don't Go Away - Oasis
The Actor - The Moody Blues
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john mayer - comfortable

if you really wanna play for your girl, I STRONGLY suggest you get "inside wants out" album by john mayer, the whole thing is beautiful and makes girls melt like none other, especially comfortable
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crash - thats a beautiful song...and quite easy to play too
hurt by johnny cash....first long i learned couple years back..and it never gets old
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