So, how would one go about installing an effect like this? Would htere have to be a battery inside the guitar to power it? Also if you have only one tone pot, does that mean your tone would be automatically 0 all the time? That would suck lol.
It's pretty easy to do, the battery would have to be in the control cavity somewhere.
Losing the tone will make it sound like it's always on 10.
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i was gonna shove a tube screamer in my guitar. it's really not hard to do. make sure you've got the space in your control cavity and then chuck it's pot through a hole. the hardest thing is having enough space in the cavity.

half way down the page ... http://www.axesrus.com/axeknobs.htm
I had the screamer one, I didn't find much use of it, so I just left it at 0. That actually made my MG cleans kinda sparkle, lol.
These go to eleven...
Any idea where I could pick something like that up in Australia? I'm guessing they would charge you a ****load for it...
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don't buy the thing from stewmac, there's a tutorial on how to make one on projectguitar.com for like 5 bucks
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Yeah, I've seen the black ice thing, but i was looking for something with a little mroe serious distortion. Does anyone know if a nine volt battery would vit in the Schecter Omen 6 cavity? Its rear routed and all, but if it doesnt then it could be a problem. It looks to be about the same size as some of those ibanez models.
it might be able to fit in there, it would be tight, i have an omen-6 and the control cavity isnt too tight, but it really depends on what else you are trying to fit in there, if it is a big pedal, well, good luck with that.... but there are plenty of pre made stuff thats cheap on www.guitarfetish.com under the electronics section
i wouldnt buy it, on the site it says: DO NOT CONFUSE THISE - its either a b/s site or a typo.
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