so, i'm in a ska band, and i'm currently using a line 6 112, 50 watt. and i need something better for ska
i was looking at vox valvatronix (yeah, i spelled it wrong, wanna fight about it?) 50 watt.
so, i've got about a hundred bucks saved up so far.
and i've got two options
1.) keep saving til i get like $250 more, then buy the amp
2.) sell the line 6.
and if i go with that, how much do you think i could get for it?
i got it for 200, used, and its in great condition.

so, if anybody has any other suggestions of what i should do, or whatever, please let me know!
should i keep saving, or sell that amp?
yeah, i've got gear too...
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keep saving, i kept my old amp and i use it all the time...as a keyboard amp, vioce amp, whatever. it can be really useful
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but yeah its fine
yea that is actually good advice, dont ever throw away a half decent amp because theres always gonna be something u need to mic later. Like right now my old randall 100 watt is being used for a violin.