Ok, so I just saw that other post on the "easiest and most beautiful song youve learned", so I'm doing this one

What is the most beautiful song you know on acoustic, overall, either hard or easy??
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stairway to heaven. some parts are easy (like the intro) then other parts get more difficult (like the solo)
I'm gonna say that Hip song Bobcaygeon. Its easy as hell, but, ****, thats a good song!
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From the song " Fireworks"
Fade to Black, although not all of it is acoustic.
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i just learnt how to play 'Tears of heaven' yesterday in about 30 mintues. I had to download the song (which i hate doing) so i could learn it and its just amazing. Also some of Paul McCartneys stuff is really good such as 'blackbird', 'yesterday', and from his new album, 'jenny wren'.
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Blackbird is a great acoutsic song to play, not to hard to learn and not praticularly tricky.
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I think "New American Classic" by Taking Back Sunday is a fantastic song.

yes yes yes yes yes yes

i agree 150%
Your Revolution is A Joke - Funeral For A Friend (pretty easy)
I don't even like the band but the guitar in it is really good
tommy emmanuel - angelina

still learning his version of somewhere over the rainbow
My recent favourite is "Roulette" by system of a down.......this song is amazing, espeacially on an acoustic.
One of my favourite is Someday by Flipsyde.Sounds good on an acoustic,especially the solo part
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tommy emmanuel - angelina

still learning his version of somewhere over the rainbow

Hell yea! Anything my Tommy Emmanuel on acoustic is godly.

but i'll have to go with "For Those Who Wait" by Tommy. it's the most amazing song ever

(followed closely in 2nd with angelina)
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Air on the G-String, when played with emotion, its beautiful.
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how has no one mentioned the rain song by led zeppelin?
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