i was wondering what amps are good for around $300. cause i just got a fender toronado GT and i want a amp that is better than my crappy fender frontman 15G!
i was looking at this crate amp but im not sure if its good or not:
Crate FXT65

if u guys have any opinions on what i should get or if that crate amp is any good then feel free to tell me.
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vox puts out a good amp for around 350...its a 60 watt modeling amp.
their 30 watt is 250 i think.
im trying to stay very close to 300$ probably more in the mid 200's , but i also wanted it to be above 30 watts
cube 30 .

Very loud for a 30watt.

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ive heard 30 watts wont be heard very good over drums, i was thinking about getting a crate 120 watt but i heard that it would be overkill
Stay away from crates and spiders go with the cube or valvetronix if your into modeling amps of course.
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i kinda just wanted a good amp with a few decent effects built into it, im not very interested in modeling amps, but i was wondering which is better, crate or peavey?.

im sure everyone probably likes them different but i wanted to figure out which brand has a better reputation.
^ For that price neither. Vox for you. As a rule, spend more on your amp than your guitar (unless you get a crazy good deal). For future refrence. A good guitar can sound crappy through a crap amp but a crap guitar sound pretty decent through a good amp.
yea, i get what ya mean, but my guitar was 629$ when i got it and being a teenager i dont make that much money, even with me getting paid 10$ and hour at my job, its still hard to save up more money than my guitar cost. i am looking for sumthing halfway decent to an average player
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a modelling amp if you want it for practicing which you don't by the looks of the wattages you've given.

so i guess a solid state. Fender does a few very clean solids tate ones like the FM210 that aren't the best in terms of reputation for a good sound, but they're expandable in the sense that you can go get your modelling stuff and your distortion pedals later on and add it, whereas a modelling amp i find is pretty hard to expand upon (which is why it's very desireable for those who just want an all in one package).

I'm not recommending the FM210 in anyway, just recommending you look into similar amps with the fact taht you will need a modelling device of some sort, whether it's a distortion pedal or a digital modeller, in order to get some sort of tone out of them. but these things can come later.