so right now i have two guitars- an Epiphone acoustic, and a non-brand-name acoustic (was my dads oh-so-many years ago). at the moment i'm looking for an electric guitar.
GUITARS: i like guitars that have a nice clean sound, but come with some heavy distortion. i like them to be nice and light that are easy to play. [PRICE RANGE: $500 OR LESS]
AMPS: i want an amp with at least 30 wats, preferably 40 or 50+. i'd like it to have some nice distortion options as well. [PRICE RANGE: $200 OR LESS]
OTHER:i would like a cable that is at least 25 feet long; i like to perform as well as play. [PRICE RANGE: SOUTH OF $35]
and what are the best pickups for metal/hard rock type music?

thanks in advance for the help
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You wont find many good guitars or amps for the price your wanting ... you can get some epiphones (not very good of course) for under 350, but amp wise, good luck getting a 30+ watter for under $100!!!
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you can get an epi g400 wich is a great guitar for 350 CAD plsu taxes etc.. but ytou will almost neve rinfd a 30 watt plsu amp for under a 100
Save up a little more for a Standard Strat. Also you won't be able to get a decent amp for $100.
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Get a MIM Tele. I have an ash one and they are very versatile
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