Freedom Flows

Empty wastelands
Barren fields of bland
Hills that stretch beyond sight
They force you to follow the light

Did you not see the green?
The strands sparkled here and between?

Alone, it does cry
The darkness bleeds itself dry
Light brings the free
The shadows spread spry
Spread upon the blank sky
The sun clears the debris

Allow me to walk this plank
For this ship has already sank
All sorrow now dwells in the deep blue
To make way for the freedom to ensue

Does this light bring me in?
May I become one with its kin?

Too many ghastly gazes have I cast
Finally able to put all in the past
To leave room for new
From tears to blood, first to last
Now in light I may contrast
To make one world of two

This wall has been broken
In the words that have been spoken
Warnings never to be forsaken
But with heed to be taken

For in this state of mind do I still hold my essence?
And do I hold upon the world an omnipresence?

Gloom, I do not scorn
This mind of distortion is not left forlorn
Only made broader
Impaled by this horn
This soul is still worn
And still wears the mask of the marauder

Lay me out amongst the trees
Send me across the seven seas
Give me a mission on which to embark
And let it pass without remark

Is it recognition for which I strive?
Or is it that of which that I deprive?

Molded are the puzzle pieces
With dark and light, the piece increases
To create these works of art
These ink blots show many releases
Of this brain that never ceases
To bring words from the heart

Without shackles do I run
By chains my words are not undone
Slay not what is the man
But slay that for which he stands

In the silence do I still cry?
Or do my calls still run awry?

To and fro
Through fire and snow
With freedom do I flow

From in between
From serene to obscene
Forever my core is unseen
I notice that you employ the four line stanzas a lot, and since this was supposed to be a poem, it's unecessary. Also, ease off the rhyme a little bit! It sounds horrible when you have like five lines with the same rhyme. I think you've got fairly good ideas, but you're pretty rough around the edges.

Sorry it took so long, I'm really busy these days.