I am considering buying a madison divinity soon. The amp fits my budget and I've heard good things about it, I'd just like some of your inputs on it.
Don't buy a Madison! That's bad!
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Don't buy a Madison! That's bad!

...Yeah, thats a valid reason. I haven't played any Madison amps before but I have heard some good things about them on some other forums. I think one of the guitarists in The Absence uses one.
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Well I heard they would break down and then you would call Madison and get no answer! Have fun with that!
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all i know is that the absence uses them and they have pretty good tone. but then again they use caparison guitars...

i tried to get endorsed by them with my band but no dice : \
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Can you guys tell me whats bad about them? In what way did the amp you heard about break down and what were the conditions?
Hm... I don't want to go in depth so I'll just sum it up like this...

Good sound
Bad quality
Shady ethics
there was a big deal because someone took one apart on another forum. Apparantly they were trying to fix a noise that would occur on channel switching. What they found was the design was copied wrong from a TSL circuit. They advertised "Made in the USA", but they were only assembled here, and most of the parts were made in China. Then it would found out that like the first 40 prototypes were the only ones built in China, or something like that. It was a big cluster**** on HC. Bottom line, they are the same circuit as other Chinese Marshall clones. There was one knob on the front, I forget which one, but it was never even connected to the circuit, it was just a pot sitting in the faceplate. People really liked them before, but everyone was selling them cheap after finding out. People seemed to like the sound fine before they found out about the design.
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