We're in a band called echo ridge and we're are looking for a drummer or bass player. Our bass player currently plays drums for us and would be happy doing either, so if your a drummer or bass player in the ottawa region between the ages 13-15 and are interested in playing some hard rock/metal and just chillin out in general, lets jam. We listen to everything like: Metallica, Pink Floyd, Slipknot, DragonForce, Rancid, Black Sabbath, Mushroomhead, Pantera, Ramones, Hendrix and Danzig, just to name a few. And lastly here's some of our stuff.
yo mike someone answered to your other thred, from what i read he sounded good hmm?
yeah, but we've found a drummer in school, he's in music class with Al he's supposed to be a ****ing beast at drums.

You should come to the battle of the bands man.