Glory past (working title)


Called New Upload 1st vox cut

I got a lot of good feedback last time i posted this, so i added vocals, (i'm going to remaster them, but want feedback to help). I like it. Its good.


I took down the one with vocals, needed to retrack them. It'll be a while, so i'm going to delete this.
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Damn, very nice production on this one. I really like it. Very U2, especially the vocals. They seem slightly buried, even though they aren't really. I think maybe less reverb so they seem less distant. The song is awesome though, just a work on the vocals and it'll be perfect. Sorry I don't have much more to say, it's just that good.

If you wouldn't mind: Life (very ambiguous title, eh?)
wow dude sweet progression and guitars and all sound amazing dude and nice vocals this is pretty good song LOL i feel kinda embarrased to put my song up here but here it goes


P.S yea thats it you remind me of the band U2 too i was like dang this sounds familiar
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great intro, reminds me alot of U2 (especially the guitar). Good progression and all the recording sounds very professional. The drums seem a bit too load at some parts but other than that the mixing is spot-on. I guess you must've deleted the track w/ the vocals since I havn't heard any singing by the 5 minute mark. Very nice backing track nonetheless, I guess all I would ask for is a guitar solo (imagine that on this site). Check out my song if you get the time...

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