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i wana play a black sabbath song at the talent show in spring. i got a guy who said hed do vocals and a drummer but i still dont know what song would be the coolest. i was thinking of war pigs or hole in the sky. but idk theres so many good ones to choose from. what song do u think would be the coolest cuz i wana win bad. thanks
#3 Black Label Society's -Fire It Up
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^ Those aren't Black Sabbath songs.
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I think Fluff is amazing, but it's acoustic so youre probably not into that. How about The Mob Rules? It shows a different side of Iommi's playing. War Pigs is awesome too. Fairies Wear Boots of you wanna show off your drummer.
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i'd say ironman; something everybody knows, or something really hard (not by black sabbath) like fire by jimi hemdrix or sweet child o mine by guns'n'roses
iron mans cool but its pretty easy. and fire is cool but i wanna stick to black sabbath
War Pigs, Paranoid, Iron Man, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Children of the Grave, SnowBlind... something ppl will know... or maybe time machine, it depends on what kind of song you want to do, if you wanted to do something hard and unexpected and you aren't limited on time, you could do the A bit of Finger/Sleeping Village/Warning song off of Black Sabbath, but it's like 15 minutes long and there's very lil vocals to it. personally i'd go with War Pigs.
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Do "Paranoid" and add some licks in it so it doesn't make you look like a noob. Also for the solo, try the Megadeth version of it. I dont know if there is a tab for it though...
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yeah war pigs, i hate it when ppl take BS songs and change em.
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yeah war pigs, i hate it when ppl take BS songs and change em.

the best to do would be paranoid children of the grave, or nib, they are the most upbeat songs, and sends thrills through everyones spines.
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Most underrated Sabbath song. Spiral Architect. Gorgeous acoustic intro, but most of the song is electric. It's awesome.
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Quote by salvagedsouls Black Label Society's -Fire It Up

yea, that would be the best
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yea, that would be the best

Yeah. Heavy metal drug influenced songs will go over really well with an audience that's potentially composed of rappers. Sabbath is likely to go over better since a lot of rap guys seem to like Ozzy. Sabbath isn't really heavy metal by todays standards, so it's in a whole different league.
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maybe iron man it's smooth and rough and everyone know its and maybe ask to do another song with that and do black sabbath the song
Dont do Iron Man, I hate it when bands at local shows play the most popular songs, just play your favorite Black Sabbath song
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Everyone forgot what would be the best and funniest song to do for a school talent show.

Yeah, i'm talkin about SWEET LEAF
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What about Supernaut or Snowblind?

I think anything off 'the best of black sabbath' would be amazing, and I'd go with one of the less well known songs.

But if you want to do one of the popular songs, War Pigs or Paranoid.

Or you could do one of the songs with Dio, anything off Heaven and Hell rocks, or Master of Insanity (the song).
I'd most definately go with crazy train. I think it's most suitable for a talent show and will surely get the crowd excited.
Such a sappy riff and an awsome solo, which, when properly executed, will make everyone think you play like a pro (:
snowblind hits the spot for me, perhaps where it goes "my eyes' are blind but i can see" make that part acoustic, or do something to it.

system of a down did a good cover of snowblind - really made it their own, obviously that's not for every1, but u get where i'm coming from here.

make a sabbath song you really like your own, try and accentuate the things you like about the song and remove the things you don't in order to make the crowd feel the same way about the song as you do.

don't be afraid!
play After Forever!! best sabbath song, easy too
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those are ozzy songss. u iz nublar 2 d@ m4xxx

HAHAHAHAHAHAA oh man, I just lol'd for reAlz

oh, and play Black Sabbath (the song)
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