I decided to take a shot at writing a simple mellow acoustic tune. There's a music box as well, and a clean guitar solo (in the GP5 file it has a blues tone), very simple verse chorus verse structure, nothing too crazy.
It was pretty good. I don't know how it would sound with the rest of the tune, but when I heard the end of the solo my first thought was the three 12th frets might sound better as harmonics.

:: just a suggestion I suppose.
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it sounds a lot like snow patrol's chasing cars to me, man. i like it, though, it's not bad, i just get the impression it doesn't really... go anywhere, at times (no offense! it's fine, but eh)
um... not used to the MIDI sound but it sounded prety good, i'm sure it would sound better with a real guitar, but it was good, intro was a bit slow.......
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