Is there any tricks to solos? I can get a few solo's down everyonce in a while, but sometimes they seem impossible. I've been playing seriously for about a year and a half now and I can't seem to do scales or anything. No matter how much I practice it doesn't seem like I get any better at them. My fingers move fast enough, it seems like the pick doesn't, any techniques or practice ideas to get better at it??
get used to hammering and pulling off, practice songs that use hammering/pulling off in them..
everyone moves at a different pace just slow down what your trying and take it piece by piece.
Join the club. I've been playing for 5 years and I still can't play lead.

But then again, having a teacher for only a year could explain it.
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practice youre scales with a metronome. start of slowly, and only speed up as youre comfortable. also, practice common techniques..bending, slding, hammer on/pulloffs...

do that
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actually play the solo's in time, like slow down and do them at quarter speed but keep 16th notes as 16th notes, and 8th's as 8ths etc. so really focus on the timing of each note in relation to eachother to be precise, and then repeat that until you can do it blind folded and slowly speed it up.
Alright, thanks. I'm pretty good with the hammer ons and pull offs.. I guess practice is all I need.
Yeah, man, don't give up. If your fingers are fast but your pick is slow then do picking drills for a while. I suggest fooling around with the way you hold the pick too, it's all preference of course, but to have very little of it sticking out and having a decent angle to the strings will usually help your speed. I suggest do ascending chromatic drills for building pick speed. Start off slow with a tempo around 80 and play 16th notes. Play frets 1234 on the low E, then same on the A, and same on the D, and so on. Then do the same thing playing frets 2345, then 3456, then 4567, and so on, playing all 6 strings for each group of 4 frets up until usually 9 10 11 12. If this is easy increase the tempo by 5 or 10 and work your way up. Always be mindful of your picking form, it will become sloppy especially if you try to push yourself to go too fast. Always try to progress, but keep it clean. Good luck!