alright, well i've been getting into jazz alot. i have been teaching myself for almost a year. i have an ok little austin bass and i was wondering how hard it is to play fretless. i want to take the frets off this one. now it will still have the fret lines and markers, so i dont think it will be that hard, but i dont want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere once i remove them. help anyone? any advice for if i do turn it fretless, and does anyone know how much it should cost?
Go on Craig's List and find a used Carvin LB20F or LB70F fretless bass. You can find them on there for about $300 sometimes--they have the best fretless neck for the price, and the craftsmanship is impeccable.

Do not remove the frets on your bass. If it is just an ok bass, making it a fretless will not make it better. If you are adamant about converting it, have it done professionally. Check out H G Thor Labs on the internet--they do an incredible job. I'm planning on sending my Dearmond Starfire fretless to get the epoxy finish on the fingerboard (when I have the expendible income).
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Q-tuner PUs (0X0 configuration) and HG Thor Labs for the best fretless bass tone. MWAH FACTOR!!!
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Costs around a hundred bucks. Don't do it if it's your only bass. My .02

Gee, it didn't cost me anything to do mine. All you need is wood filler and a butter knife.