I use a cheap factoery made n00b guitar - fender strat, squier
I restrung it with Addario XL light gauge strings. Perhaps i strung it wrong, or the strings were too light? But after maybe four or five days, my A string broke. Near the base, where they are inserted, it seemed to have unraveled. I had bought 2 packs, so i grumbled at my wasted money and opened the next pack (i know, just buy 1 string, but closest place isnt even walking distance). 3 days later, same situation. Am i stringing it wrong? i play heavier stuff (try to play), so maybe the strings are too light. Suggestions, comments.
Help a n00b
what tuning are you in, if your playing in drop c or lower light strings are def to well light, you should at least have 10's if your play heavy stuff, if not your string saddle could be rough and be breaking the string giving it that "unraveled" look
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Umm first of all Its D'Addario. I would suggest a higher gauge. Maybe youre playing 2 heavey. IF the higer gauge doesnt work perhaps a lighter pick. Oh and last time i bought strings i bought 10 packs because the closest place is about an hour away.
sorry bud, **** happens

playing too hard? no such thing.
try heavier strings
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i would definetly take it to the shop and get them to look at it. But it sounds like the bridge saddle wasnt machined right which means you should get a new saddle no biggie.
The bridge saddle may have a sharp section on it. See if you can file it or get someone that works on guitars to do it.
**** happens to me all the time, but it's never really happened to me twice in a row on the same string though. But a string unraveling on me happens way more than a string actually snapping.
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Well i use the same D'addario and yeah they break, but it takes time. I get em broken every like, 1,5 - 2 months. not some days in a row

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drop c, 1mm pick=not good for light gauge
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Ill look at the saddle when i get a phillips.
any suggestions on handling saddles, good type, etc?