If you've eaten textbooks
and considered suicide
and been glued to your paper with sweat
and hardly speak to your father
and never go out of the house
then you are probably the kid who lives
next door
and calls himself a writer.
So if you're ever feeling
like a cosmic speck of **** buried by
other, similar and meaningless lives
and you think you've got troubles
Talk to him.
Not God
Not Dr. Phil
Not your friend you've known since kindergarten
Those people don't even exist.
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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I'm very curious to know your reason for writing this, sir, 'cause it would help a lot.

1) Either you're fed up of writing, and this is what you think of it


2) You've taken this recent 'wild' style of yours way too far.

Seriously, in my opinion, I've seen much better from you.

This piece (to my eyes) is suggesting a myriad of problems without putting forward a solution.

If I have this wrong, please tell me.

EDIT: I think I was a bit harsh here, but I really didn't understand the reasons behind this. Perhaps you could explain?
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This left me with a feeling of What? and Who? and some sort of open- mouthed expression.

I mean, I probably would have liked it if I got the ending and the main point it was getting across. I like the rash attitude you've put in this, but I just did not follow where this piece actualy went, message wise.

Perhaps you could clear it up for some of us ?

This was sort of half about me, and half about a fictional character. The writer would be that. I'll admit, it didn't work out too well. I was kind of going for the gabriel garcia marquez blending of magical realism and half-truths and things that don't quite work out. It isn't supposed to work, or at least it's supposed to make sense, by not making sense.

I'd like to think that this was deep, but in retrospect it's rather stupid.
I agree. I understand now that you wrote this with the best intentions, but I think you just got the wrong idea.

I'm lookin' forward to your next piece.