So I just came to realize I have one of those. Although I know nothing about it. Could anyone list some information off the top of your heads?
how did that happen?
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Thanks, douche.

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My grandfather found it in a basement and gave it to me. I guess I just got lucky.
The main material in the body is Masonite, with a Poplar frame. Its probably a bolt on neck (but not sure) with a rosewood fretboard. The truss rod is non adjustable and if i remember right its an aluminium tube that goes through the neck and down to the bridge (again this may be slightly inaccurate).

Lipstick pickups which are Bar magnets with copper wound around them and sealed in a chrome plated lipstick tube. Chrome plated bridge, but i dont know what the bridge is made from.

Plastic strap buttons.

Tuners may be plastic button ones, but if its a quality model then it will have metal tunners.
Thanks Marshall, does anyone think they know what it might be worth off the top of your head? I'm not sure if I want to play it if it's going to be worth something.