It sounded like the timing was slightly off, but it twas catchy. Nice tone.

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yeah, some of the timing was noticeably off and the lead sounded kinda distant. It was kinda catchy though.
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To be honest, I liked the lead tone better than the rhythm, which I felt was kinda sharp (I don't mean pitch wise, I mean like piercing). The lead could have used a bit more bass (neck pickup), but it was good. The drums were... operative. I thought they had a bit too much energy. Made the song seem more like a surf song, really. Maybe retune it to make more surf-like.

I'd really appreciate it if you commented on one of my songs, no one else seems to want to:
TPQ: It's not bad, though the drums and bass and rhythm guitar could do with smoothing out a bit more, they are all hitting strong acccents at the same point in the song giving it a kind of jerky feel, I would also maybe cut some of the treble on the rhythm guitar track to leave a bit more space for the lead, maybe simplify the drumbeat too.