So my birthday is on the way, and I want to get a shopping list in order. Mind you, I probably won't be getting that much for my birthday, but I'd like to get some opinions about what I should get. Anyways, I have no pedals whatsoever, a Behringer Vtone 30W amp, and an Epi Les Paul. I'm thinking of getting new pickups in the guitar, and possibly a few pedals. I play mostly metal, such as Metallica, Trivium, Sabbath, but I do some softer music as well. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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New pickups wouldn't make that much of a difference with that gear, I'm gonna say get a distortion pedal (or a new amp, but that'll be pricy), and avoid any pedal with "metal" in its name.
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yeah if you can get an amp on your budget get a nice amp, naybe jsut get money and get a nice one on eBay
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