I've been playing for like... 2 years?

Right now I have a Squier Fat Strat. Haha, I know.

So recently I've been thinking about maybe upgrading. So far I've been looking at ESP's, Ibanez's, Jacksons, etc. I like to play a lot of metal, classic rock, and rock.

My price range is about $300-500. I don't want something that's so close to my Squier that it didn't even seem necessary to upgrade, but something that is obviously superior.

I'm really hoping for something that can play the type of music I like and has a tremolo system. If any of you suggest any kind of pickup upgrades, let me know.

So... out of my three brands, which do you think I could get the most for my dollar and still have the tremolo system, etc?


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Any specific model?

Anyone? Anyone going to help me out here?

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Awesome, thanks guys.

Oh. Any specific amps at a low price range that really stand out?

And I know this will sound stupid... But any specific brand of string? I'm curious to see what else is out there besides Fender Bullets.

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roland cubes and vox valevetronixs awesome amps come in a few different sizes, 15, 30, 50, 60..... for your taste in music i would suggest a roland cube and get eth biggest size that u can afford, there cheap cosidering how great they are i got a 30 the other week and i love it and it has great distortion so u wont need a pedal maybe a footswitch to switch between the 2 channels though, anyways hope that helped
i'd get a gtar with a floyd (licensed?) if you want something very different to your strat - that's if you want a metal machine. the way i see it your strat will be perfect for kicking back with some more classic rock, and your new guitar (ibanez, s470 looks sweet!) will be great for shredding away and indulging in some heavyier stuff.
Yeah, I'm probably going to get a S470. They look great and seem pretty cool. I'll test one out next time I go to Guitar Center.

Anymore amp and string suggestions?

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