Picks, god love 'em or hate them.
Look, in the last two weeks (or less) I've burned through seven pics (Jim Dunlop mediums, the yellow ones).

Surely this isn't healthy. So questions, what a proper pick technique, how far down should I really be holding it, regardless of where is comfortable.

I do tend to play rather hard though, but I find a thinner pick breaks less because its got more give, so maybe that's my problem.

See, I played bass first and thought picks were the devil incarnate, but now use them all the time on guitar.

how do you burn a pick???
and what does this mean
"I do tend to play rather hard though, but I find a thinner pick breaks less because its got more give, so maybe that's my problem."
raping his guitar i suppose...

i dunno, get thicker picks i suppose...?
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Burn through a pick means ruin or break. It's a figure of speech. The second part is pretty well written, I think. He's saying that his problem might be that he plays hard because he finds that the thinner picks don't break because they are more flexable. Sort of like the mechanics behind a sword...?
Go for the heavier picks, I dont know the proper way, but i hold my so the peak is just barely showing, ive snapped a couple, but not that often, Ive found that you can pick faster with a larger pick, i guess if its all power chords and whatnot, then go for a lighter pick to not break as much.
In relation the question, I'd definetly reccomend some Dunlop Jazz IIIs. I've yet to see a person snap a Jazz III. Plus, they're hella shreddy!
ive never broken a pick or a string. does this meen i play like a pussy? or all you beotches just need to ralax a bit
Thanks maki3 I was waiting for someone to say it...

I have used heavier ones and they were fine, but I did break them eventually and I find you lose a bit of speed (strum-wise).

I think I'm leaving too much of the peak sticking out. I don't know, for the price of picks, it doesn't really matter.
Well dont know you, but if i didnt lose all my picks all the time, i could use only one in a month
and dont understand me wrong i play at least 3 hours everyday. in a normal one maybe 5.

Dunlop picks are ****. I've broken a couple of them, then switched to M.R.W. celluloids and never broke one.
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go buy a dava pick that'll help you know yoru holding your pick int he right spot or whatever.
but what the hell is your pick made out of? i've picked up my mediums and folded them in half without breaking them...... ??