I've been playing guitar for a couple years now and I want to get a new guitar. I want a cutaway 6 string acoustic for the price range of $300-$400. I'm leaning towards a washburn d10sce right now. Any suggestions on others would help.
Thats your best bet if it HAS to be acoustic electric.

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No it does not have to be acoustic electric, but I would prefer cutaway.
the d10sce is a good deal cuz you get the hardshell, but i would personally recomend the ibanez aef18etws , its 350$ at musiciansfriend, for an acoustic electric it has cutaway and probly the best electronics you can get anywhere in that price range even a little bit higher, i own it and i love it, great stage guitar
Since it doesn't have to have electronics in it, I would avoid the Ibanez with a plague. Search the forums for Ibanez problems, and you'll see why...

Its very hard to find a cutaway without the electronics in it...the thing is that electronics take away the "bang for your buck" guitar sound. Its hard to beat the Washburn D10SCE in that price range though...i almost bought the 12-string version myself.

The biggest difference between that Washburn and that Ibanez is that the Washburn has a solid top, instead of a laminate (read:plywood) top that the Ibanez has. Solid= better than laminate.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
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Why do you prefer a cutaway and not care that its electronic? The cutaway comes hand in hand with the electronic. It is virtually impossible to find an acoustic guitar with a cutaway and no electronics - same with an acoustic guitar with electronics and no cutaway. If you really wanted to get an acoustic guitar, get a full bodied one or stick with the electronics. Don't just get the cutaway cause it looks cooler.