Im sorry if this is the wrong forum, but ive been having trouble picking lately. My tendin in my thumb hurts after i play for a while, and i was wondering if i was holding it right. I hold it that my index and thumb make a little O thing...except not as wide as an O but you get what im saying... anyways, can anyone help me with how to hold it?
you gotta be loose when you play, too many people make the mistake of thinking to play fast they have to tighten up, but you gotta be really relaxed. especially if your thumb hurts, it sounds like you gripping the pick way too tight
yea it sounds like you need to loosen your chokehold on the pick, it's not gonna go anywhere. try this, put your pick down on a table with the pointy end pointing directly away from you, then pick it up by sliding it to the edge of the table like you normally would, and play holding it just like that, same position and gentleness, unless ouy course youre adding pinch harmonics in which case you need to reposition your thumb
yeah...but if i dont hold it tight enough i like fling it across the room lol...so yeah, thanks guys, i'lll try to hold it not as tight