I was sitting in my room one day reading the autographs from my year book from 8th grade when i had an idea. "What if instead of getting a yearbook signed, i get a guitar signed?"

So i decided that im gonna paint my ****ty starter pack squire backup guitar all white and have all the people from 9th grade sign it this year. Its gonna be a nightmare painting it though, so can anyone offer any advice from personal experience they have from painting guitars? Feedback on my awesome idea is also appreciated!

Sorry if you think this thread is dumb, i had to share my idea with the world
that's my idea...had it since a year or so
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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That's a pretty sweet idea man, I might do the same. I'm stealing your idea! Haha!
knowing the people at my school someone is gonna steal it when i take it to school, but whatever, its just a squire
just use a silver sharpie instead of painting it and save yourself some trouble
YAY lets all steal his idea
Got bored left. Got bored where I went away to. Came back.
nah, ill get a car signed senior year

Or maybe ill buy another crap guitar for each year and get a new one signed every year
Even better...

Hand someone a sharpie, drop your pants, and tell them to sign your ass... right after they kiss it!

Sorry, but high school is just a 4-year joke. So get all the laughs you can...