I need a new amp and ive got about 5 to 7 hundred dollars to spend. i need something with good distortion and sound but at the same time not needing to be cranked to get it. i would prefer a half stack if possible. some one HELP!
I would recommend the Crate GLX1200H Half-Stack
and if you go to music123.com you can get it for about $600
i probly should add that yes crate isnt a bad brand i would prefer to go with something alittle better! thanx
I wouldn't go halfstack in that pricerange, you're only going to get SS unless you stumble on a great used deal. You aren't getting quality at that price, you are paying for the looks and image of a halfstack. Ask anyone you know who has been playing for 5+ years, and 99% will either own or want to purchase a tube amp of some kind. They simply have better tone. It's still opinion and preference, but it's a widely held preference for a reason. Almost any pro recording you hear, the guitars will be using a tube amp, and it spans over many genres. A 4x12 halfstack is going to get you projection, not great sound or volume necessarily. That's all related to the amp itself. You can get a decent tube combo in that pricerange if you go used, and get an extension cab later if you really need a halfstack. What exactly are you looking for in a distortion, like a classic rock type of overdrive or a metal tone?

Another thing to consider, with tube amps, they really shine at higher volumes. The only way to get the cranked tone of a tube amp working out it's power section at lower volumes is using an attenuator, and then it's still a tradeoff since you are taking the speaker movement from the cab out of the sound equation. I still prefer a tube amp to SS at lower volumes, but if all you're doing is bedroom practice, a decent SS may be a better option for you. Not a halfstack though, that's still pointless and paying for looks. I prefer 2x12 combo amps, I like the projection and lowend response more than a 1x12. Most of the modern high gain tube amps will give you a lot of distortion from the preamp at lower volumes, so you won't have to worry about a good distortion. It won't be the same as the amp cranked with the powertubes contributing, but it's still better than most SS distortion
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what about the b-52 half stack? with the LG 100a head and the LG 412v cab? has anyone heard anything good about that?