Hey guys, I'm looking for a full on retube of my baby. I've email Dougstubes and Doug is saying that if I want EL34 I should try Ruby tubes. That's all find and good, except I've heard Ruby's are not that great for a metal tone. Would SED's in either 6L6 or EL34 or Ruby 6L6 or EL34 be better in the power amp? Would something completely different sound better? I'm just looking a nice tight crunch with a lot of attack and cut, but still very thick and heavy.

Thanks for any help
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Can't comment on the SED's, but if you are changing over to EL34, personally I would go with JJ EL34L. They have a little more headroom than regular EL34, and a little more lowend like a 6L6. I started off using GT and EH tubes, and since I tried the JJ's, I've been hooked. I'm actually using Mesa 6L6 in my Mark IV right now, but I have a brand new matched set of JJ 6L6 from Bob to throw in when they die. Eurotubes will test them for you, and match you a set, taking into consideration the fixed bias of the Mesa. I've only had experience buying from Mesa, Thetubestore, and Eurotubes, but Bob was by far gave the most personal service. I hate sounding like a sales pitch for him, but I've bought a few full retube kits, for me and my friends, and we've all been happy.
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Well I mean JJ's where all I've been looking into, then I heard about Doug and some folks on the Boogie Board where saying that the Recto sounded VERY dark with JJ's in the front. I was looking at dougs to get some opinions and he through up the info about Ruby and SED, I know to take everything with a grain of salt but he does sell JJ's too so it's not like he couldn't mention them, he just didn't. I might dig around a bit more, but I'll probably end up going with something other than JJ's in the pre, but power JJ's are still looking VERY good to me! Thanks for the help man !
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I'll second JJ...

And say avoid Ruby like the plague because their business ethics make Monster Cables look like saints..

That is all..

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^ That's all I needed to know


But damn, monster cables are still teh sex !
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i use JJ's in the power, and ruby 12ax7ac in the preamp. the ruby's are more high gain and sound better in the preamp imo.