Hey just wonderin about the Randall RG50TC amp, its all tube, heres specs:

50 watts
1 X 12? Celestion Seventy 80 (combo only)
Two EL34 power tubes
Four 12AX7EH?s
Two Channels w/4 modes
Dual gain stages:

Im basically looking for a trivium tone, Ive heard its good for kinda slight high gain stuff but not super which is fine..Ill boost it if I need too..any thoughts? cant go used on ebay cause my account got suspended cause i didnt pay for something I accidentally bought and contacted the user and told him it was an accident but I still got the boot..anyways let me know thanks..
10 times out of 10 I would reccomend you don't purchase a Randall amp, personally I think they are absolutely terrible... But if you think it's your bag why not try it?

Oh and what's your budget?

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Anyone else, I had a short chat to Dave and he said that it was actually a fairly decent amp (the randall)...I cant go used so im kinda **** outta luck there..the randall seems like itd be ok, i dont really want a high gain beast anymore, think a newer trivium tone, something with a bit of chug...please help guys im stuck with a nice ibanez right now and a spyder for eff sakes lol..thanks