So I'm curious...

I'm sure most people in here are here because they play bass.

Does anyone in here play a secondary instrument as well, or started off playing another instrument but got drawn to bass?

I play fretted and fretless bass, but I also play flamenco guitar, electric guitar, cajon, udu, pandeiro, drum kit (my first instrument), keyboards, and folk flutes. I also sing and can arrange three-part harmonies.

I started on drum kit and still love playing them, but back in 1993 (after playing rudimentary bass for 7 years and then getting into Jaco) I got into flamenco and heard Paco de Lucia. The bassist for Paco (Carles Benavent) was doing amazing stuff--playing chords, sliding harmonics, etc., on bass. That's when I started saving up for a fretless bass and got my Carvin LB70F. Then I realized Carles was doing all this with a pick, and I was using my fingers... I have since been learning how to play bass with a pick--it is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you are trying to do what Carles does.
Jaco de Lucia.

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I used to play alto sax, and i started on guitar for a few months, i like to try flamenco guitar, but im still crap at multiple string at a time fingerpicking... atleast i almost have the rasguedo down

I wish i was better at singing too, thats what im trying to improve lately.
I played saxaphone (horriby) for a while, then I wanted to play drums but my parents complained that it would be too loud so they bought me a cheesy First Act acoustic guitar that I hated. I saved up some cash and bought a Rogue bass pack and loved bass. Then I saved and saved and bought my Fender Jazz. I recently went back to playing guitar since my fingers have gotten stronger and I understand music better. Oh, and I have a keyboard I tinker around with too.
Started on guitar two years ago, moved to bass at the beggining of this year. Before that did keyboard lessons on and off and played some upright at school (nothing too much).

Trying to get back into keyboard a little bit and learning how to sing good.
I started with clarinet, then learned violin, then guitar, then bass, and now drums. =.=
I started on bass, but a year after i started bass i began piano lesson and self-taught guitar. I also now own a drum kit which i can knock out a solid beat on. Also play the harmonica, but i'm not that good on it yet. Bass is by far my main focus, with piano getting an hour a day and guitar about 45 mins or so. Harmonica is kept in my car so traffic, so i play about 20 mins a day

I only sing for myself !!
Bass is my secondary instrument I guess, if I were to rank them.

I started playing trumpet 6 years and still do. I started playing guitar three years. I started playing bass eight months ago. I probably play bass the most nowadays, since it's the instrument I need the most work on. Trumpet is second, because I'm in a few bands doing that and I need to keep my chops up. Guitar I just noodle on lately, I just don't have the time and I'm not commmited to any bands playing guitar. But I wanna take it up again, my lack of practice is showing.
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I play the euphonium mostly, but I am also pretty good at trumpet and tuba. I also play guitar, but I'm getting a bit rusty because I sold my jazz guitar a couple of months ago in order to afford a major car repair. Sucks, huh? So right now I'm playing this beat-up Crestwood classical guitar. After I buy a decent head and cab for my bass, I'll look into getting another guitar.
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I started playing bass almost coming up on 3 years ago. Since picking that up I've also delved into guitar, mandolin, harmonica, a little banjo, and basic piano stuff. Not a lot, but it's enough to do some songwriting.
Before bass I had 7 years of viola, and 6 years on saxophone. I had always wanted to play upright in an orchestra, but my conductor wouldn't let me switch (since not to many people play viola, espcially with any type of talent.) so when I got the chance, about 4 years ago, I a bought myself a bass. And have been playing ever since. (Since then, I've also learned guitar and standup.)
I played Guitar for a year around 2000 but gave up because I wasn't really intrested and my schoolwork was getting worse (than usual) . Ive been playing bass for about a year today
i was a guitarist and still am to some extent. i love the drums i get boooed of them at band practice tho lmao
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yes, i play the didgeridoo
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Ive played Alto Sax for about 6 years, then played electric guitar for a couple months, then drums for about 10 mins, and now bass for 9 months (but learning fast).
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I have never actually picked up another instrument aswell as bass. my brother owns a guitar, and i doodle around on it, but nothing huge to be able to say i actually play it. i am looking into an acoustic guitar though.
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geez, where to start.

in 5th grade, is tarted to play trumpet, in the 7th grade, my teacher asked if i knew bass clef, i said no, so she strapped me on a tuba. around the same time, i wanted to play guitar, so i got a guitar, 8th grade comes around, and i buy a bass. so bass, trumpet, tuba, guitar i can play. i play tuba untill junior year. but continue bass and guitar. and within the last 4 years, ive tried to paly everything else, so i can play some piano, clarinet, flute, xylophone and its family, the rest of the brass family. and thats about it.

but my main influence is guitar, but i perfer to play bass with other people. its weird.
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I've been playing classical piano for 10 years, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet for 6 years.

I really want to pick up jazz flute, sax, or drums though...

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yes, i play the didgeridoo

I'm learning to play piano to help me with chord structures and my theory class. Other than that, just the triangle
I took piano for two years... then in grade 7 I took up the trumpet (now one of the best trumpet players in my highschool) and after a school band practise I told my mom I wanted to play bass and she agreed to it (my grandfather played the bass guitar in a rock band way back in the 50's one of my uncles play guitar and my brother plays guitar so a stringed instument was deffinatly in my future lucky for me it was bass)
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i played guitar for a bit (10 minutes, thereabouts) and thought it was both hard and sucked...

then a couple or so years later my dad left his bass at my house and I got bored and tried it out.

and now I got into school band (yes!)

and I've been hoping to get keyboard lessons for christmas, so I actually know more than what the notes are and to help me in theory and help if I become a session musician (or rockstar, i might be pretty enough )
bass is my #1 passion, since 1975. started on guitar in '73. i dabble on keyboards, and drums. the bass also provides a decent second income, but i would play for free.
African Mbira, Digeridoo, piano, bass drum.

But somehow not really guitar.
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I started playing acoustic guitar in Grade 8. I played for about 2-3 weeks, and I didn't like it. Then moved onto bass mid-way through Grade 9. Played solely bass for about a year, and then picked up acoustic again, which I've been playing for about 8 months. I can knock out a few basic beats on drums as well (I am in Gr.11 now by the way). Bass is still my main instrument, but if my band needed a back-up guitarist (or drummer for a simple song), I could probably handle it. Though I probably wouldn't want to
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Started w/ bass, all I've really done since then is bass & guitar, and vocal stuff.

I wanna get into harmonica, though.
I originally started on the piano, and about two years afterwords I started to play the flute. After two years of flute, I bought a bass guitar and started learning, and two years after that I started playing the bassoon. I've recently bought an acoustic and I'm learning how to play, and I play most orchestral concert percussion instruments. I don't know any brass, but I know a bit oboe and I'm about to start taking alto saxophone lessons. I also do synthesizing work.

But, as of now, my order in ability is bassoon--bass--piano--flute--guitar--sax.
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Started on piano at the tender age of 7. Played clarinet in fifth grade and switched to cello in middle school and have been playing cello since. Took up guitar and my brother took up bass but apparently he has no muscal talent or patience, so he gave it up so I play both. Not a proficient bassist yet though, definitely not as good as the guitar playing in my sig(second link). Well actually I'd need a six string(Schecter Stilleto Studio-6 is my choice) to play that tapping but whatever.
Guitar (OK), drums (poor), piano (poor), trumpet (OK), and harmonica I guess but I haven't practiced that in a long time.
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I started with drums, then I was like "hell, I want a bass" and got one.. I had never tried a bass before and didn't know if I'd like it.. I loved it from the first day I play still play drums aswell
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Lets see....Playd Cello and Bass(For about 7 years with cello, 4 years bass) dabbled in Violin, harmonica, I played with a keyboard for about a year but forgot most of the stuff I learned.