I've talked praises about this underrated bass player for Paco de Lucia for months now. I finally came across a vid of him just jamming on Jaco and having fun--this gives a taste of what he's all about.

He has been acclaimed by Victor Wooten. He's played for Paco de Lucia, Chick Corea, and even the late great Miles Davis.

Let this end any and all threads of how playing bass with a pick is not as good as fingerpicking...


He plays a Jerzy Drozd "Barcelona" bass here , in case you are wondering.

Keep in mind, he's just jamming--imagine what he's like when he plays the "hard stuff" of flamenco...

Enjoy! I'll post more if I can find them...
Jaco de Lucia.

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he plays on that new chick corea album. is it any good? if its anything like the old return to forever, im gonna go pick it up.

and on the bass playing, i really am not a fan of what he's doing, even though it is very impressive.
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F*ck all that, he might as well play a damn guitar. I wanna hear Carles play some funk. And Jaco, notice how he is using his fingers as well, you cant do that with just a pick brother, not even (everyone Bow...) Carles Benavent!!