"Groove is in the heart " is a pretty fun riff, cool to play around with!

"Seven Nation Army" is another cool thing to play too

"Down On The Corner" is a personal favourite

And if you are keen to try out a walking bassline, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" would be a good start... this tab is 95% right, but never the less its on the right track

Have fun with your new bass mate, I would suggest learning basic songs like Blink 182 ("What's my age again", "Dammit") just to get the hang out it all.

Best of luck!
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yueah iv been playing guitar for about a year whats some good slap n pop songs? thaks for the other songs aswell
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I got a bass today what are some cool abss riffs

Badge by Cream
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you know he died right???


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I got a bass today what are some cool abss riffs

Anything Emo and most punk. And 7 nation army has no bass in it, but It really does sound like it.
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