Hey guys,

I was looking for a few opinions for drum machine software, I'm starting to home record some of my songs for demo's and stuff, and was wondering about decent sounding programmable drum machines. Has anyone any ideas? I can create drums through guitar pro 5 but they don't sound that good to be honest.

mac or pc?
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Y isnt anyone helping this dude?
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I've heard good things about DrumKit from hell. I just got it but haven't installed it yet. Also, some mixing programs have them (I got Cubase with it on there). Also the free edition of Fruity loops has a decent drum kit on there as well...
If I were you, just get HammerHead Rhythm Station (Google search it), it's free and easy to use, doesn't sound the best but hey, it's a start. Or you could download Tunafish, free demo, can do anything but save but you can export, and you can use the built in drum sounds or you can use your own sounds in the machine. Find someone who can record little sample clips of each drum and use those...
Cheers for the replies guys i'll get on to the suggestions now