Hey guys/girls. Im gonna buy an arctic white strat soon but i cant decide on what fretboard to get. I know all the websites say that maple has a bright twangy tone while rosewood has a deep bassy sound but can any of you real people actually hear the difference?
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if you were playing clean, side by side, you might hear a noticeable difference, rosewood is a lot more common then maple on guitars nowadays but maple still has it's place with the stratty twang tone.

sorry for the kinda pointless post - just trying to share the info i have.
yeah, i really dont think you would be able to notice any difference in tone, i prefer the feel of maple to rosewood so thats what i would get, but you should try them out and see what you think
Why not try ebony? (if they make that for starts, IDK). Anyways, that would make a beatiful contrast to the white body IMO.
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You won't hear so much differents, so just go with what you think looks best.
IMO its maple.
Maple feels nicer, so I play that 'coz everything else about my guitar's hard to play, but rosewood does sound a little nicer. The sound difference, especially on Strats where it's only the fingerboard that's actually rosewood, isn't noticeable enough to be worth the not-quite-as-sexy feel.
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The differance in tone is very small. Some people can hear it and some cant. The differance in feel is much larger. I don't like the way maple feels so I would go with Rosewood, but a lot of people think maple feels faster and smoother than rosewood. If you like the way rosewood feels then go with rosewood, if you like the way maple feels go with maple. Don't worry about the differance in tone because it isn't *that* big.
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There is a definate tonal difference between a maple and a rosewood fret board. Also a big feel difference, personally i prefer the smoother playing surface of a maple board.

The only thing i have against a maple fretboard is that its an absoloute nightmare to clean, because you cannot use lem oil to clean the board.
There's a small difference, but it's not drastic.

Just get whatever you think looks best.
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It's all personal preference man. Maple necks tend to be smoother and slicker than rosewood necks. I prefer rosewood though, as I have it on my Strat.
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I curently have 5 Strats, 3 maple, 1 Rosewood, 1 Brazilian Rosewood.

I couldn't own just one or the other. The tone does differ bit not so much as to choose one over the other. I like the look & feel of the blonde myself, but I was "raised" on an early 80's Squier Strat with a maple neck.

The only two Strats that I play now are both custom Warmoths, a 3x Flame maple w/ Vintage tint and a 3x Flame maple back w/ Brazilian Rosewood board matt finish back.
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I have an arctic white strat with maple fretboard(see my sig below) and before that i always had rosewood fretboards and to be honest i dont hear a difference,i just like that way it looked