hey guys..i'm just learning my scales right now and i am kinda confused on the correct way to fret them. for example, i am learning the G maj. scale:


so going up the scale, my middle finger starts on the third fret. am i also supposed have my index finger on the second fret? and when i hit the second note on the 5th fret with my pinky, do i simultaneously put my ring finger down on the 4th fret? or am i only supposed to fret the ones that are sounding?

and also when coming back down..starting from the high e string, is my hand supposed to be positioned so that my index is on 2nd, middle on third, ring on 4th, and pinky and 5th, and i just start removing fingers from the fret board accordingly? or am i supposed to only press down the pinky, then only press down with my middle, then only my index?

thanks for the help, and sorry if i'm not being too clear.
bit confusing but i think i get your drift.

everything on the 2nd fret gets fingered by your index
everything on the 3rd fret gets fingered by your middle
everything on the 4th fret gets fingered by your ring
everything on the 5th fret gets fingered by your pinky

the tab indicates the notes that are being hit.

when you work your way back down use exactly the same fingering.

alt pick it all.

sorry i can't be more help - but i think i answered your questions.

   M  P    I  M  P    I  R  P    I  R  P    M  P    I  M  P   

As far as lifting or anchoring your fingers goes - really it's something you should practice both ways. Practice it with lifting your fingers up after each note is fretted in both directions, and practice it keeping the finger on the previous note (ascending) down, and next note (descending) down.

Generally, if you're practicing scales it is best to lift the finger as the next one comes down, it develops a smoother and more flowing fretting hand, which in turn will make the whole thing flow more naturally - but you're always going to encounter situations where keeping your fingers down is going to be more economical.

You want to be able to play both ways, so practice both ways.

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better playing the scale


Why is that better?
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better playing the scale


Yep. Actually my homework for guitar lessons is to memorize the fretboard.

This is the best way to do it.
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