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Mikael Akerfeldt, because hes hardcore like that.

Muhhamed Suicmez, just because...
Hetfield à early -90s era.
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My fave is James Hedfield, just because he's gone through so much and still fronting Metallica after 20 sumthin years.

i lol'd.

i'd say lord worm because he is a badass, peter tatgren or valfar (RIP).
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Phil Anselmo


Anselmo is easily the best frontman he had total power over the crowd. He could make them do anything!
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Mikael Akerfeldt, because hes hardcore like that.

Just because im seeing him tonight. w00t!
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Devin Townsend is definitely one of the best, IMO. Anselmo, Dickinson, Dane and Gossow all get mondo respect from me as well.
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Lee Dorian
Bruce Dickinson
Rob Halford
Ozzy in the 1970s
Bobby Leibling
Ronnie James Dio
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Bruce Dickinson
Dave Mustaine
George "corpsegrinder" Fisher
Rob Halford
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Quote by irishmatt1992
My fave is James Hedfield, just because he's gone through so much and still fronting Metallica after 20 sumthin years.

James Whatfield?
Eh. Hetfield is a total hippie nowadays, Akerfeldt (althoguh I've never seen him live) kinda ruins the Opeth tristesse and atmosphere by his weird standup, phil anselmo (who I saw with his his super joint thingy, terrible druggy **** who can't sing), just no. I think my vote goes to Bruce Dickinson, although his jump around stuff is kinda weird. Can't think of a frontman I'd absolutely just like, I'm usually more into the guitarists anyways :P:
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Bruce Dickinson of course, Matt Barlow from Iced Earth, Ben Ward from Orange Goblin and Lee Dorian from Cathedral.
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James Hetfield. Come on, you know you want to.
Phil Anselmo.
Warrel Dane- he totally dominated live.
Barney Greenway.
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Dave Mustaine for his presence...
James Hetfield for Metallica..seriously..
Mikael Akerfeldt for
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Satyr or Phil Anselmo.
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shut up reed-tard, what would disturbed be, more of a heavy metal rather than metal?
Mikael Akerfeldt, Lord Worm, Dave Mustaine, Devin Townsend, Stephane Pare/Bart Frydrychowicz, Karl Sanders/Dallas Toler-Wade, etc.
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James Hetfield, Mikael Akerfeldt, Phil Anselmo (not loaded), Matt Barlow.

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Just because im seeing him tonight. w00t!

I envy you and all your entirety.
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Nergal from Behemoth; his vocals are friggin' harsh, and his guitar-playing's pretty sweet too. hes got a great guitar tone and has some sweet riffs, plus some bad ass solos.
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James Hetfield... he is The Reason why Metallica was the Biggest and Most influential Metal band!
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Chuck Schuldiner also. (RIP)

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Phil Anselmo, no other frontman has such charisma and confidence, and the intensity of his voice is pure ownage...
It's a knock-up between The Dev and Anselmo. Both have an amazing presence. I've yet to experience SYL in a venue yet, but he was holding Download in the palm of his hand when they were on. And Phil is a great frontman both in a venue and a festival, watching Down do both proved that.
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Don't you mean toss up? Or do you actually think Devin Townsend and Phil Anselmo are going to impregnate each other.
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