I got a job at Gordon's Music, my local shop here in Massachusetts. I'm pretty excited. I went in there yesterday to get some strings, and when I was leaving the manager asked if I wanted to work there. I go in there all the time, like 3 times a week and know everyone who works there. Before the summer I asked if they were hiring and he said no, but today I was hired. I'm starting in two weeks! It's going to rule.

I guess I'll be doing stuff like merchandising and selling guitars and gear on eBay. I'll be making signs on the computer and small posters for gear, along with thinking of ways to make things sell better. I'll also be re-stringing guitars, tuning them up, polishing and cleaning, etc.
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I didn't ask but I'm assuming I get major discounts on gear.
*Taylor 214ce Acoustic
*Fender Highway One Honey Blonde Strat (Fralin Pickups)
*Epiphone Zephyr Regent (Gibson '57 Humbucker)
*Vox 847 Wah
*Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET
*Fender Blues Deluxe Amp
Was there a particular response you wanted here? I mean, aside from things to the effect of "You lucky ****!"?
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you did well man, just make sure u don't get sick of guitars. all i do at work is stick on these forums, and by the end of the day there's nothing that i want to do more than play my guitar.
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nice, im gonna start looking round mine soon enough, need some spare cash during college
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Nice, hope all goes well
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Yes you always get staff discounts, and theyre ****ing good too. I worked in a guitar shop (soho soundhouse in london) for my work experience and I get staff disc on everything now...
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That's cool man.

But I dont think I could ever work in a shop like that. I'm just too damn evil. I know something would eventually "fall off the back of a truck"...
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thats the best job you could get man. play with guitars all day
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good ****ing job man.....may you go on to sell overpriced squires to us unsuspecting UG idiots......seriously......good career choice